Fashion Found ME

From a little girl growing up in poverty I loved fashion. Many of my peers were able to get more expensive clothing but me, I had to be creative and make outfits. At first, It was challenging but whenever I would be with my friends I'd get a ton of compliments on my distressed jeans and torn crops.Little did my peers know that my clothing was often worn from constant wear and tear and I would create distressed spots on jeans to mask a hole that was forming or I'd cut a t-shirt into a crop because it had a hole or rip. I would color block because I just didn't have nothing to match and I would add material to my bottoms when they would shrink for more length.It wasn't long before I learned that I was effortlessly fashionable. Today, I can say confidently "I didn't choose fashion;fashion chose me. I honestly believe that if i had more options like many of my peers,I'd lack creativity.

-Fashion Forward